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Patient Experience. Defined.

nTegra is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Content Aggregation platform company offering cloud-based, comprehensive platforms and applications to deliver superior customer engagement experiences. Unlike legacy technology platforms that are expensive to maintain and prevent agile response to market conditions, nTegra gives its clients the control to quickly and efficiently extend their customer engagement programs. nTegra’s applications are designed for and address Healthcare among other sectors.

The healthcare industry is seeing a spurt of technology innovation in recent times. Ranging from front-facing to backend systems and equipment interfaces, the industry is fast adopting cutting edge technology to better serve their ultimate customers – their patients and care seekers. nTegra with it’s Healthigo platform, maintains its focus on patient experience journey with unique enablements that truly add value. Added to this, Healthigo offers a set of systems and tools that enhance customer touch-point capabilities.

nTegra's Healthigo platform is designed for and addresses the healthcare ecosystem with patient focus at its center. Healthigo is UAE's largest free-to-connect healthcare discovery and patient engagement platform. We connect the entire healthcare ecosystem on a single platform; linking patients and care seekers to healthcare providers, doctors, & pharmacies, all linked to their insurance providers. We allow healthcare seekers and users, through our Web & App, to connect and digitally transform the entire patient journey.

Healthigo maintains its focus on patient experience with unique enablements that add value across key healthcare discovery and engagement spectrum. From smoothening the healthcare journey for self and family; going onto long-term aspects of preventive healthcare, we strive to bridge the gap between healthcare services and care seeker expectations.

  • Largest free-to-connect healthcare portal in MENA
  • Unbiased discovery
  • Multiple booking options
  • Recommend, rate, give feedback
  • Book a ride
  • Timely appointment reminders
  • Health profiles for self and family
  • Health and wellness blog
  • Health Packages and Deals
  • Social collaboration and sharing
  • Emergency alerts

For Patients And Care Seekers:

  • helps discover healthcare providers based on key insurance linked parameters
  • provisions addition of dependents for better family health control
  • allows inclusion of friends and volunteer groups for help during emergency situations
  • provides for uploading and sharing patients personal health records
  • helps in preventive healthcare through reminders and wellness programs

For Healthcare Providers:

  • provides enhanced appointment booking and management
  • helps reduce patient wait times
  • optimizes doctor time utilization
  • gives analytical data on patient engagements and trends

Markets Addressed

We have over 15,000 doctors, 70 hospitals, 3200+ medical centers and clinics, 3000+ pharmacies as basic listings, searchable through over 32 Insurance providers. We have more than 150 Hospitals & clinics as premium subscribers.

For careseekers, Healthigo provides intelligent search, family profiles, reminders, alerts and personalized health news on the App.

Users can search within their insurance network and either book instantly or submit a booking request, where our team acts as a concierge, to confirm their appointment.

Besides booking an appointment, visitors will have access to the history of their appointments, receive reminders, fill up their pre-visit form, book a cab ride to get to the appointment, and also book follow up appointments.

We also offer Deals & Offers from healthcare providers, health & fitness facilities and providers. Our Health & Wellness Blog is an informative place where users can stay up to date on the latest health and wellness news.

For Healthcare providers, we provide higher visibility, exposure, collaboration and patient engagement optimization on the portal.

Along with the appointment booking and scheduler, booking a ride for patients, optimising wait time for both doctors and patients, healthcare providers can send reminders, offer deals and submit articles as points of engagements. The premium features provide advanced engagement features, including a Feedback manager which allows clinics & hospitals to manage their reputation online, possibility to interact with their patients digitally, etc

Healthigo as a patient experience and engagement platform facilitates –

  • higher visibility and discovery
  • better engagement and experience
  • improved response and care
  • enhanced community and social collaboration

We help individuals, families and communities lead healthier lives and transition from responsive to preventive healthcare.

As we build our journey, we are rolling out more features that bind care seekers, families and communities with healthcare providers, government initiatives, and larger ecosystems; to provide better access and experience.

"Our aim is to let everyone live better and healthier lives together."

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Healthigo provides the perfect patient experience platform empowering both Healthcare Providers and Care Seekers. Healthigo’s focus is and will remain firmly on care seekers; engaging both directly and through their organisations.

As part of our corporate outreach activities, we connect with careseekers at their work places. We provide clinics & hospitals with engagement opportunities through our Corporate Connect Program, where we get in touch with Corporates to organize Health & Wellness days at their premises. We bring clinics, hospitals, and wellness partners to join us in providing health talks, health check-ups and consultations. Employees are engaged through games, challenges and quiz where in they stand chances to win prizes, take home give aways.

These are perfect occassions for careseekers to engage with experts and health specialists while getting to know the value of being connected on an unified platform. The fun element adds to the excitement at each engagement.

Co - Branding

Telecom Operators, Banking and Insurance, Healthcare Providers and Government initiatives are linking up with Healthigo to offer a unique responsive and preventive healthcare experience to their customers.

By doing so, they are not just helping build a caring and giving society, but also forging a deeper bond with their audiences.

Join us as a co-branded partner to:
  • reach a larger audience
  • increase market size
  • improve your brand’s reputation
  • create joint leverage
  • share learning and insights
  • provide more value to customers

Our founders and team have a proven track record of forging and nurturing co-branded partnerships with Telcos, Government and BFSI segments. Write to us and we will be glad to work with you to maximize your community health engagement programs.


Be part of a winning team with Healthigo

Founded in Dubai, UAE, Healthigo is the only healthcare technology platform focused on enhancing care-seeker and patient journey, while helping build a caring community. Healthigo’s geography specific franchises are a trusted source of healthcare information and services. With options to join the team as Master Franchise, Location Franchise or Independent Franchise, Healthigo’s franchisees provide medical and wellness information and services to healthcare providers as well as consumers.

Healthigo’s platform covers:
  • Healthcare Provider Information
  • Enhanced Appointment Booking and Fulfillment
  • Personal and Family Health Record management
  • Community participation and bonding
  • Health articles and learning
  • IoT and Wearables
  • Preventive Healthcare Programs and Goal Based Tracking
  • Employee Wellness programs
  • Systems & Tools for Healthcare providers to improve patient experience
  • In future – branded medicare outlets

Obtain Financial and Personal Rewards

Healthigo’s mission of improving lives means you have the opportunity to do well by doing good; it’s rare to find a franchise that offers the combination of both financial and personal rewards. As the original healthcare information and services technology company, we are poised to experience exponential and consistent growth.

Healthigo’s franchise system offers franchisees:

  • An affordable investment with multi-unit expansion potential
  • Opportunity for a diversified service mix to build additional cash flow
  • Comprehensive training and innovative marketing programs
  • Unmatched depth of expertise in medical and wellness information and services
  • Alignment with local government and private bodies

As a Healthigo franchisee, you can feel proud to be in a business that touches
so many lives in such a positive way, each and every day.
Do this, because you feel good about it.

Support You Need as a Franchisee

Healthigo provides the training and support you will need to successfully operate your franchise, regardless of your background or experience. Our system ensures that you will start up properly and transition quickly into effective day-to-day management and operations. Healthigo’s training and support includes:

  • Comprehensive on-site, online and in-field training programs
  • Sales and marketing support and access to online marketing portal
  • Operations expertise in business operations from the industry’s most experienced professionals
  • Access to a Web-based information technology system that supports Healthigo’s franchise businesses
  • Ability to network with seasoned franchisees who have licensed Healthigo operations

Write to us to request additional information and learn how you can become a part of our growing Healthigo team today!

enhanced patient engagement
in responsive & preventive healthcare